eating & shopping organic in joburg

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Submitted by turbosprout on Thu, 2007-07-19 09:38.

Joburgers are beginning to support the rapidly emerging organic market, not only because it’s really fashionable right now, but also because of a growing awareness that organic food is healthier and better for the environment. Nearly a quarter of American shoppers now buy organic and one in three people choose to buy organic over ‘conventional’ produce in the UK.

Securing a regular and reliable supply of organic fresh produce can still be a challenge for restaurants and retailers in Johannesburg as there are just not enough local farmers to meet the demand. Developments like the Organic Freedom Project should go long way in increasing the supply to the market. Nonetheless, there are some excellent outlets from which to source organic goodies if you know where to look.

Where to shop organic
Major outlets like Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay have both increased the number of stores with dedicated organic sections and, if you search amongst cleaning, baby and body products, some Pick ‘n Pay stores have organic alternatives sharing shelf space with conventional goods. Pick ‘n Pay stock Enchantrix, Wensleydale and Olli organic baby food. Woollies has an excellent organic food section, particularly in Greenside. Pity about all the packaging, though.

Fruits & Roots in Bryanston and Emmarentia offer a bevy of organic goods, both fresh and dry. They produce some organic goods under their label earth products and their health shops are a complete pleasure to visit! Their vegetarian restaurant in... Bryanston offers an array of healthy shakes, drinks and food that includes Vegan dishes.

Dunkeld Fruiterers and flowers stock a range of organic fruit and vegetables, the Flower & Nut Market in Ferndale has a good selection of organic flours and grains, and Greenlands in Parkhurst stock fresh organic produce and a good selection of organic wholefoods, and their popular vegetarian restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

Organic box delivery schemes
Wensleydale Farms do a regular vegetable box scheme and you can pick up your box from one of their designated pick-up spots that include the Bryanston organic market and Greenlands health shop in Parkview. Wensleydale market organic produce for over 80 organic farmers, so their range is excellent, and their organic dry goods are also available at some Pick ‘n Pay stores.

The Organic Emporium will deliver organic produce to your door every Friday in the northern suburbs of Jo’burg. The best way to use their service is to register online as a first-time user, and then follow the step-by-step guide to selecting your choice of organic fresh and dry goods. Foxglove Herbs & Delicacies who voice frustration at the unreliable local supply, are busy sourcing new farmers so that they can have their own supply of fresh organic goods and thus deliver box schemes to their customers. They produce their own range of organic products and wholefoods, and seasonal fresh produce when they can.

Where to eat organic
Margaret Roberts’ organic herb farm, admittedly only open on Wednesdays, not only provides a wonderful day out, training opportunities in organic herb growing and one of the largest collections of lavender, but there is a tea garden that uses only organic produce where you can while away the time.

The Salvation Café, in Millpark, is a wonderful collection of mismatched chairs, candelabra and some fantastic cooking, which includes using organic ingredients wherever possible and all the meat is free-range. The Fabulous Food Co. in Benmore Shopping Centre, is just that, a fabulous array of ‘fast food’ and meals that centre on healthy, organic and free range wherever possible. Lunch times are a bit of a bun fight it’s so popular and is one of the few places that serves organic coffees.

Earth 2 is a vegan restaurant that tries to use only Fair Trade products and supports organic and sustainable farming practices wherever possible. All of their coffee, chocolate and sugar, for example, are cultivated under ethical conditions. They firmly believe that a vegan diet has a smaller ecological footprint, and as they "really like cows and sheep and stuff", would hate to make them suffer if they can avoid it. They also arrange special events at the restaurant - sign up to their newsletter to be kept in the loop.

The Bryanston Organic Market, every Thursday and Saturday, is the best place to buy organic produce. It’s been running for over 31 years and with over 120 stalls that sell everything and anything you're bound to find something you like. All the fresh fruit and vegetables available are grown organically. Café Organica, at the Naturally Yours Wellness Centre in Bryanston can now boast that almost 80% of their food is organic. Their aim is food with "loads of flavour" and they cater for special diets – wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and vegetarian. One of their areas of expertise is corporate catering and they stock a selection of organic wines.

Last, but not least in your quest for organic fare, are two great online sources - Organics Online, who are continually increasing their range, and Choose Health – both will deliver organic food and other organic goodies direct to your door.

We're aware that this guide could quickly fall out of date. Refer to the following for up-to-the-minute suppliers of:

organic box delivery schemes
organic shops
restaurants, delis and eating out

Also see our green guide on eating and shopping organic in Cape Town.

And if you have any comments, suggestions or additions or if we left you out then let us know! You can comment below, email us or use our contact form.

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Thanks. I live in Joburg and

Thanks. I live in Joburg and found out a couple of things I didn't know about.

Any other organic spots

Thanks Jackie. If you know of any other organic spots worth mentioning please let us know about them!

I'm not sure if the Fabulous

I'm not sure if the Fabulous Food Company is still open in Benmore Gardens (I'm too afraid to venture there until the construction is completed and it becomes less of a madhouse, but I did notice this weekend that the owners have opened up a far bigger organic restaurant attached to the Morningview Dispensary (in the Pick 'n Pay centre in South Road, Morningside).

organic restaurant in Morningside

Thanks for letting us know. If you can provide us with the name of the restaurant, that would be very helpful, as tracking the Fabulous Food Company down has proved rather taxing!

Organic Market

Organic Market at Killarney Mall every Thursday. Get there early as they close by about 3

Thanks For Help...

Not every food has to be "perfect." When eating a food high in fat, salt or sugar, select other foods that are low in these ingredients. If you miss out on any food group one day, make up for it the next. Your food choices over several days should fit together into a healthy pattern.arthritis treatments

Bryanston Market


Thanks for the information! Just to let you know not all the stall holders at Bryanston Market (open Thursday & Saturdays)are organic suppliers. There is a African lady that is two/three stalls down from Wensleydale told me when I asked if she was organic that she isn't! She appears to be quite annoyed at this question..I would ask them in each case


Bryanston Organic market

Just a response on the Bryanston Organic market - we supply free range, grass fed meat & biltong, and have just been given a stand at the Bryanston Organic market. We went through a rigorous process whereby a member of the market's committee actually visited the farm & abattoir in Mooi River to check that the meat was free range & grass fed. We also had to supply them with all the relevant certification documents.
So the unless that veggies stall has been there for years & years, rest assured that all new stalls are thoroughly vetted - ask me, it wasn't easy!

Where to eat and shop for Natural Fresh Produce.

Markets in Johannesburg…

blubird Wholefood Market in The blubird Shopping Centre, Athol Oaklands Road, off Corlett Drive, Athol. 9.00-2.00
The Definitive Food Market in Jozi, the Market to be at, every Sunday!
Come and experience the “United Flavours of Nations”!! and wend your way among the crowds to taste, smell and touch the array of Fine Food and good company.

Killarney Wholesome Organic and Natural Market............
An amazing collection of Fabulous food, to enjoy here or to take home. There is also an interesting collection of natural facial and healthcare products and do not forget our wonderful crafts which make for interesting gifts.
See you every Thursday from 9.00-3.00 in the exhibition area outside Woolworths.

Towers Emporium.......
Fine tastes and Fine Foods at the Michaelangelo Towers on the first Sunday of every month 9.00-3.00 on the Lower level of the Shopping Centre. On the Upper level there is an amazing assortment of Craft.



Your choice Marketeers will be operating in a more formalised situation, seven days a week inside and outside…….do your shopping in peace and get to know your Marketeer, TASTINGS ARE THE ORDER OF THE DAY………

This is a place to chill out under the trees, away from all the congestion and to do your shopping at a leisurely pace.
Bring your kids and all your worries and just CHILL …….
This is our very own South African Natural and Organic FOODHALL!!!!!

*Choose your own fresh fish and seafood.

Irish Guinness smoked salmon especially imported.

*Choose your own grass fed beef and lamb.

*Choose your own ORGANIC vegetables,

*Choose your own free range chickens and eggs.

* The Lemon Story, lemon curd, lemonade, marmalade, etc….

*Choose your own cookies all freshly baked, also GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE.

*Choose your own Pasta and pestos and numerous antipasti.

*Choose your freshly baked wood fired bread, croissants and custard slices, cinnamon twists, bagels.

*Choose your own coffee beans, which will be blended and ground especially for you.

*Choose your portions of green and red prepared curries to take home or eat under the trees with a bottle of wine from the Codfather.

*Choose your own cheese from our most amazing collection of South African and imported cheeses.

*We are surrounded by Chefs who will draw all the produce needed from the FOODHALL, to create fabulous dishes.

*’Elbows up’ is with us and will be expanding their range with exciting new products……….

*Rosemary is our expert on herbs, edible and medicinal. You will be greeted by her array of plants, and bunches of fresh COUNTRY flowers.



Our restaurant that will serve you the most tantalising dishes of Italy.

The amazing aroma of Portugal streams out from the sizzling grill of peri-peri chickens, espetada and Portuguese steak.

The Seafood Restaurant to be reckoned with in South Africa with fresh fish daily in the Foodhall and in the Restaurant.

A very Special Vegetarian experience in the NORTH.

VEGAN DELIGHTS! Blessed food made with Love.
Sit under the trees and experience the birds and the soothing sounds of the wind. Five Amazing Restaurants to choose from, you can sit in any of them and choose from the different menus.

Our gallery of South African artists and fabulous South African Craft......

Pending …….

Music evenings with good food and the nectar of the Gods….
Cookery demonstrations……
Wine pairings…….
Chefs table……….
Exhibitions by the Guild of Silversmiths,
The Guild of Potters, Carpenters and Sculptors
Watch this space!

IT IS …..




AT THE……….


Join us at the ‘Codfather Village’ for a very different experience……
a laid back,
no fast food,
Robyn 083 3114768.

Lack of organic supermarkets

Where I'm located in England there are unfortunately very few dedicated organic supermarkets. Fortunately, there are several farmers markets available if you're willing to travel a bit further than normal. The produce is so much better than the standardised food found in our usual supermarket.